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The Long-Term Care organizations we work with are committed to enhancing the experience for residents and their families, and staff. We feel privileged to help them in fulfilling their commitment.

Customer stories


We could never keep up with questions from families without messaging. I have also found there to be a significant decrease in phone calls. Especially when there is simple question to ask, we can shoot back a quick reply.

Shannon Durante
Assistant Director of Nursing

I have definitely noticed a decreased amount of phone calls. Families being able to see health information has been a big help.

Kelly Moore
Director of Nursing

The phone calls have decreased on therapy's end and there seems to be less confusion on who to speak to about medical things when we are talking with the families.

Vicki Williamson
Director of Therapy

We love the Engage⁺ platform for its flexibility in giving us the ability to customize the platform to best suit our family's needs. With the Engage⁺ Patient Portal Experience, we are able to provide our families with key clinical information within an easy-to-use platform...

Jacklin Lewis
Residents' families

This patient portal is exceptional with all the information provided on my husband. With COVID and my own personal health issues, I do not travel or visit. Having access to most of his records brings me much peace of mind and I don't have to keep calling and insisting on information on Charlie’s care. Thank you!

Family member

Wow! I like everything about this Engage+ service! This is so helpful, informative and really keeps me as a loved one up to date and my mind at ease regarding my husband’s care. It’s really an awesome service, technology can be so wonderful, and this was created perfectly. Thank you.

Family member

I have to commend Shannondell for your excellent communication thus far. While in the hospital, our biggest frustration was the poor communication between the doctors, nursing staff, and the patient. We rarely knew what was going on. The Evoke portal is amazing and I appreciate having that direct access to the details of my mom’s care plan. Kudos to all.

Family member

I like knowing what's going on and seeing if there's any progress in my dad's rehab.

Family member

Thank you. I appreciate having access to this helpful site.

Family member

Appreciate the info upon arrival & admittance to the facility. Thanks.

Family member

Engage+ is a valuable resource. This is an excellent system for families to follow up on loved ones.

Family member

I like the care plan and plan you have detailed. If you accomplish these goals she will be back to her old self. You have identified all of what she needs to be doing. Thank you!

Family member

Thank you. I am late to access the Engage+ service, but it is a phenomenal help.

Family member

It is great that I can see notes from the healthcare team regarding the exam and notes regarding my mother’s conversation with your staff. I did get the idea that there were no issues for me to worry about. Once again, thank you very, very much.

Family member

This is helpful, especially since with only one visitor per day I cannot be there daily. Due to CDC rules, it is very nice to get daily reports explaining how Patient is doing.

Family member

Engage+ is a fantastic help to Caregiver.

Family member
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